This is online css sprite generator.

Generator provide next functions:

  • Open images in bmp, png, gif, jpeg formats
  • Open project file in txt or zip formats
  • Split images to any rectangles
  • Edit position and size of rectangles
  • Add rectangles to output images
  • Edit rectangles in the output images
  • Union of rectangles in the group
  • Edit css styles
  • Download the css file
  • Download the output images
  • Download the project (source images and rules for generate css and output images)
  • Download all files in zip format
  • Generate base64 data url

For start press button "+ Add files"

The result you can see in the tab "Results"

Last published sprites

2019/06/14 12:38Rects: locate, life, mts, phone, velcom
2019/06/11 09:12Rects: ZM_logo_alone, arrowL, arrow
2019/06/07 12:00Rects:
2019/06/03 15:15Rects: close.d9d2d0b1, ico-facebook.4f6cfb66, ico-twitter.0f629a47 (1), ico-twitter.0f629a47, next.31f15875, phone-receiver.4c1ee500, prev.84b76dee
2019/05/22 19:01Rects: r_1_0, r_1_1, r_1_2, r_1_3, r_1_4, r_1_5, r_2_0, r_2_1, r_2_2, r_2_3, r_2_4, r_2_5, r_3_0, r_3_1, r_3_2, r_3_3, r_3_4, r_3_5
2019/05/16 08:44Rects:
2019/05/15 03:31Rects: icon-0, icon-1, icon-2, icon-3, icon-4, icon-5, icon-6, icon-7, icon-8, icon-9, icon-10, icon-11, icon-12, icon-13, icon-14, icon-15, Accounting, Address book, Alarm clock, About

Please note, that File API supported in IE from version 10 and in Safari from version 6, so at this moment this service not support browsers IE9 and Safari 5