This is online css sprite generator.

Generator provide next functions:

  • Open images in bmp, png, gif, jpeg formats
  • Open project file in txt or zip formats
  • Split images to any rectangles
  • Edit position and size of rectangles
  • Add rectangles to output images
  • Edit rectangles in the output images
  • Union of rectangles in the group
  • Edit css styles
  • Download the css file
  • Download the output images
  • Download the project (source images and rules for generate css and output images)
  • Download all files in zip format
  • Generate base64 data url

For start press button "+ Add files"

The result you can see in the tab "Results"

Last published sprites

2020/06/27 00:47Rects: taxi_E, taxi_N, taxi_NE, taxi_NED, taxi_NEU, taxi_NW, taxi_NWD, taxi_NWU, taxi_S, taxi_SE, taxi_SED, taxi_SEU, taxi_SW, taxi_SWD, taxi_SWU, taxi_W, taxi_E-1
2020/06/26 05:17Rects: loader, loader-1, loader-2, loader-3, loader-4, loader-5, loader-6
2020/05/31 23:20Rects: gear_dark, gear_red
2020/05/24 22:50Rects: ayakkabi_s2, ayın loncası_s2, ayın oyuncusu_s2, baslangic_s2, basma_s2, bicak_s2, bilezik_s2, binek_s2, birinciköy_s2, canlılar_s2, cinema_s2, cube_s2, çan_s2, digercanli_s2, digeresya_s2, duvarkagitlari_s2, duyurular_s2, efsunlar_s2, eventler_s2, eventodul_s2, eventodulleri_s2, fragman_s2, gorevler_s2, güncelleme_s2, haftanın loncası_s2, hair_s2, haritalar_s2, hakkımızda_s2, haritalar-2_s2, isinlanma noktalari_s2, itemshop_s2, kalkan_s2, kask_s2, Katman 3_s2, kemer_s2, kilic_s2, kitaplar_s2, kolyeler_s2, kostum_s2, kurallar_s2, kusak_s2, loncalar_s2, maden taşı_s2, maden_s2, makale_s2, makale-2_s2, megafon_s2, metin taşı_s2, müzik_s2, npc_s2, ok_s2, orb-direction_s2, oyuncular_s2, petler_s2, portal_s2, resimler_s2, sandık_s2, savasd_s2, screenshot_s2, sistemler_s2, sorular_s2, sport-medal_s2, tanitim_s2, taşlar_s2, tılsım_s2, turnuvalar_s2, war-axe_s2, wyvern_s2, yelpaze_s2, yilin loncası_s2, yılın oyuncusu_s2, zirh_s2
2020/05/21 23:46Rects: 833009F0-07B2-421E-A841-C5CCC25DFFE3, 4E6D22E4-40D9-42E4-91C0-4C0C7B9EE8BD, 6DCB04FB-84A5-484C-A9DD-0536E7D12833, 833009F0-07B2-421E-A841-C5CCC25DFFE3-1
2020/05/16 12:54Rects: brodilki, brodilki-barbi, dlya-devochek, dlya-malchikov, earn-to-die, idea-studios, igry-3d, igry-3-pandy, igry-5-nochey-s-freddi, igry-1001-arabskaya-noch, igry, igry-1234567890, igry-adam-i-eva, igry-akuly, igry-alavar, igry-amerikanskie-gorki, igry-am-nyam, igry-angry-birds
2020/05/10 15:02Rects:

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