This is online css sprite generator.

Generator provide next functions:

  • Open images in bmp, png, gif, jpeg formats
  • Open project file in txt or zip formats
  • Split images to any rectangles
  • Edit position and size of rectangles
  • Add rectangles to output images
  • Edit rectangles in the output images
  • Union of rectangles in the group
  • Edit css styles
  • Download the css file
  • Download the output images
  • Download the project (source images and rules for generate css and output images)
  • Download all files in zip format
  • Generate base64 data url

For start press button "+ Add files"

The result you can see in the tab "Results"

Last published sprites

2019/11/14 10:36Rects: heart-white, ic33, ic, heart-white_fill, ic1, ic14, ic2, ok, check-vbr, file, cancel, heart1v, in, ic-cart, heart2, check-(2), pin, ic-elect, heart_big, heart, arrow-vverx, check-check, Rectangle, cancel-filtr, filt36, arrow-point-to-right, chat, eye, heart-2, fac, ic-1, heart-1, shopping-store, wallet, cancel-1, calendar, tw, vk, user, share3, user-1, call, you, search, yandex-pay-logo, email, clock, top, 1, arrow-left, 2, arrow-ri, ar, th2, th
2019/10/24 11:26Rects: iconmonstr-facebook, iconmonstr-facebook-2, iconmonstr-facebook-1, iconmonstr-facebook-6, iconmonstr-facebook-3, download (1), 9e847302e9c6fd26527a88d32e78b297, 9 (1), 8, 4, mvctotalviews, mvctotal, mvctoday, 124010, 124034, 9, 7, 6, 5, 0, mvcyesterday, mvcvisit, mvconline, 70029990_115272686524588_8133461258713169920_n
2019/10/24 11:08Rects: 124010, 124034, 9, 7, 6, 5, 0, mvcyesterday, mvcvisit, mvconline
2019/10/17 19:33Rects: rrss, rrss-2, rrss-3, rrss-4
2019/10/01 16:19Rects: rings, rings-1, rings-2, rings-3, rings-4, rings-5, rings-6, rings-7, rings-8, rings-9, rings-10, rings-11, rings-12, rings-13, rings-14, rings-15, rings-16, rings-17, rings-18, rings-19, rings-20, rings-21, rings-22, rings-23, rings-24, rings-25, rings-26, rings-27
2019/10/01 05:43Rects: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, before_after-halfsize-mz75, eyes1, eyes2, eyes3, k1, k2, k4, k6, k7, k8, k9, k10
2019/09/02 22:02Rects: Masonry.Stone.Rubble.Taliesin.West.bump, Masonry.Stone.Slate.Green.Bump, Masonry.Stone.Slate.bump, Masonry.Stone.Slate.Green, Masonry.Stone.Slate, Masonry.Stone.Slate.Mottled.1, Masonry.Stone.Slate.Mottled.2, Masonry.Stone.Soapstone.BlueGreen.Bump, Masonry.Stone.Soapstone.BlueGreen, Masonry.Stone.Soapstone.DarkGrey.Bump, Masonry.Stone.Unfinished.bump, Masonry.Stone.Rubble.Taliesin.West, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.Rectangular.bump, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.Rectangular, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.DarkRed, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.Cream.bump, Masonry.Stone.Soapstone.DarkGrey, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.DarkBrown, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.DarkRed.Bump, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.Cream, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.DarkBrown.Bump, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.Mauve.Rectangular, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.Mauve.Square, Masonry.Stone.Travertine.Burgundy

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