This is online css sprite generator.

Generator provide next functions:

  • Open images in bmp, png, gif, jpeg formats
  • Open project file in txt or zip formats
  • Split images to any rectangles
  • Edit position and size of rectangles
  • Add rectangles to output images
  • Edit rectangles in the output images
  • Union of rectangles in the group
  • Edit css styles
  • Download the css file
  • Download the output images
  • Download the project (source images and rules for generate css and output images)
  • Download all files in zip format
  • Generate base64 data url

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The result you can see in the tab "Results"

Last published sprites

2017/12/03 08:23Rects:
2017/11/22 12:06Rects: bandeau-2x, brassiere-2x, corbeille-2x, culotte-classique-2x, culotte-fine-2x, culotte-haute-2x, l-bandeau-2x, l-emboitant-2x, mini2-bustier-2x, mini2-nageur-2x, mini2-sophistique-2x, shorty-2x, tanga-2x, triangle-2x, triangle-h-2x
2017/11/17 09:51Rects:
2017/10/28 09:37Rects:
2017/10/26 03:33Rects: logo, icon-pdf, icon-print, icon-mail, li-1, li-2, li-3, background
2017/10/07 13:03Rects: facebook, twitter, pinterest, google-plus, tumblr, instagram, rss
2017/09/21 11:47Rects: A61, A74_TOR0_0000, add_symbol, area, building, buildings, F10_DP, F11_ABF_3TEIL, F11_ABF_3TXASCH, F11_ABF_5L, F11_ABF_60L, F11_ABF_60L_FOD, F11_ABF_120L, F11_ABF_120L_FOD, F11_Foto, F11_Handtuchautomat, F11_MONO_ASCH, F11_Monotonne, F34_Entleerung, F34_Fuellstelle, F34_Gefahrstoff, F34_Tankanlagen, F34_Zapfstelle, F35_VK, folder_trade, folder_tradegroup, folder_yellow, G10_Mietobjekt, G10_RENT, G20_FIS, G20_Moni, G20_Sitz, G40_Tueren, Gluehbirne, layer, line, room, S11_FEU_KEY, S20_BRAND, S20_Durchbruch, S30_Ezylinder, S30_ILocker, S30_SCHL_19B, S30_SCHL_ABEL, S30_SCHL_BSB, S30_SCHL_EVVA, S30_SCHL_FSK, S30_SCHL_Info, S30_SCHL_OnlineLeser, S30_SCHL_RAUM, S30_SCHL_SCHA, S30_SCHL_TECH, S30_SCHL_TRENN, S30_Wandleser, S60_SMS, symbol, T13_HZ_UE, T13_KL_UE, T14_FM-Datenpunkt, T15_FM-Datenpunkt, T17_FM-Datenpunkt, T18_FM-Datenpunkt, T18_PROB_ENT, T18_URINAL, T18_WASCHBECKEN, T18_WC, T19_EZ_HZG, T19_EZ_HZUE, T19_EZ_KLT, T19_EZ_KLUE, T19_EZ_TW, T19_Zaehlerstandort, T30_BOD_BT0, T30_BOD_BTZ, T30_BOD_ELEK_000, T30_BOD_ELEK_1, T30_WAN_IT0, T31_ARS_KAM_A, T31_ARS_KAM_D, T31_KAM, T32_ANT_A, T32_ANT_I, T32_IHF_AAE, T32_IHF_Antenne, T32_IHF_ATE, T32_IHF_Verstaerker, T32_IHF_Verteiler, T32_MP, T32_WLAN_A, T32_WLAN_I, T33_Dose, T33_Festanschluss, T33_Kabelende, T33_Kameradose, T33_Verteiler, T35_ACCPOI, T35_BACLS, T35_BACO, T35_BDG, T35_CCTVio, T35_CO, T35_DECO, T35_DISK, T35_ENCO, T35_FSMON, T35_FSUB, T35_FSUK, T35_FSUM, T35_FUNK-BOS, T35_FUNK-BUEN, T35_FUNK-FLUG, T35_FUNKKON, T35_FUNK-KONV, T35_FUNK-MOBIL, T35_FUNKort, T35_FUNK-PC, T35_GA, T35_GA-CO, T35_HUB, T35_IBT, T35_KR, T35_KS, T35_KVM, T35_LAN, T35_LRE, T35_MAC, T35_MEDKON, T35_MF, T35_MODM, T35_MUX, T35_OTN, T35_PC, T35_PCHH, T35_PCPT, T35_PCVM, T35_PERI, T35_PRCO, T35_PRLA, T35_PRMFG, T35_PRNA, T35_PROJ, T35_PRPL, T35_PRSO, T35_PRSV, T35_PRSW, T35_PRTS, T35_REC, T35_ROUT, T35_RPS, T35_SCAN, T35_SMBO, T35_SV, T35_SWITCH, T35_TELE-IP, T35_TK-FAX, T35_TK-IP, T35_TK-MOBIL, T35_TRSV, T35_TRVS, T35_TRVT, T35_TRX, T35_UDS, T35_USV, T35_WLAN, T35_WS, T35_ZEAL, T35_ZEBE, T35_ZKOS, T35_ZSP, T36_DP, T37_Abschluss, T37_Antenne, T37_Basis, T37_Verstaerker, T37_Verteiler, T44_STGL, T51_AUFZ_MASCH, T51_BRS_FL0, T51_FABA, T51_FAST, T51_FATR, T51_HEBE, T51_UELB, T53_FENK, T53_RSV, T53_SCHRANKE, T53_TOR_BSRT, T53_TOR_BSST, T53_TOR_FHT, T53_TOR_FT, T53_TOR_RGT, T53_TOR_RT, T53_TOR_SCHW, T53_TOR_SLT, T53_TOR_SSLT, T53_TOR_ST, T53_TOR_STOR, T53_TROL_PARK, T53_TUER_AST, T53_TUER_AT, T53_TUER_BTMF, T53_TUER_KARUSSEL, T53_TUER_U10_VA, T53_TUER_VA, T53_Waage, T54_SPRST, T55_UHR_ANA_DOP, T55_UHR_ANA_EIN, T55_UHR_DIG, T55_UHR_NEB_INT, T55_UHR_PLAN, T55_UHR_VER_MEZ, T55_UHR_VER_UTC, T56_DEC_AD0_SON, T56_LISE, T56_SO0_GR0, T56_SO0_KU1, T56_SO0_KU2, T56_SO0_KU3, T56_SO0_MO0, T56_SO0_SORV, T56_WAN_AD0_SON, T56_WAN_JAL, T57_Antrieb, T57_Dachklappen, T57_NAOE, T57_RT, T57_RWA, T57_RZ, T60_ASLP, T60_ASLP_M, T60_FISS, T60_Fuehler, T60_LON, T60_MSRK, T60_MSRS, T60_MSRV, T60_Raumbus, T60_SYM_IRCRR, T60_US, T60_USEI, T60_UZ, T62_FEU_LOE_6KG, T62_FEU_LOE_50KG, T62_FEU_LOE_CO2, T62_FEU_LOE_DECKE, T62_FEU_LOE_FETT, T62_FEU_LOE_H2O, T62_FEU_LOE_H2O_6KG, T62_FEU_LOE_PULVER, T62_FEU_LOE_SCHAUM, T64_FLU_TAS, T64_SYM_ENTA, T64_SYM_ENTRTA, T65_Anzeige, T65_FTH, T65_Lautsprecher, T65_LSS, T65_PC, T65_Tableau_Gruen, T65_Tableau_Rot, T65_Taster, T65_TSA, T65_UEA, T65_VEA, T65_Verteiler, T65_ZENTR, T65_ZKS, T65_ZKWI, T65_ZKWS, T66_PSS, T66_PSS_ANZ, T66_PSS_ANZ_CON, T66_PSS_VER, T66_TUER_FWT, T66_TUER_TSA, T66_TUER_ZKCO, T67_ANIA, T67_ANIB, T67_ANIL, T67_ANIM, T67_ANIT, T67_ANIZ, T67_DEFI, T68_ESA-Zylinder, T68_Gepanlage, T68_GPAT, T68_Tresor, T68_ZKCO-Codetastatur, T68_ZKS-Ausweisleser, T68_ZKS-Verteiler, T68_ZKWS-Sprechstelle, T70_Infopunkt, V70_HA

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