This is online css sprite generator.

Generator provide next functions:

  • Open images in bmp, png, gif, jpeg formats
  • Open project file in txt or zip formats
  • Split images to any rectangles
  • Edit position and size of rectangles
  • Add rectangles to output images
  • Edit rectangles in the output images
  • Union of rectangles in the group
  • Edit css styles
  • Download the css file
  • Download the output images
  • Download the project (source images and rules for generate css and output images)
  • Download all files in zip format
  • Generate base64 data url

For start press button "+ Add files"

The result you can see in the tab "Results"

Last published sprites

2017/12/19 17:56Rects:
2017/12/03 08:23Rects:
2017/11/22 12:06Rects: bandeau-2x, brassiere-2x, corbeille-2x, culotte-classique-2x, culotte-fine-2x, culotte-haute-2x, l-bandeau-2x, l-emboitant-2x, mini2-bustier-2x, mini2-nageur-2x, mini2-sophistique-2x, shorty-2x, tanga-2x, triangle-2x, triangle-h-2x
2017/11/17 09:51Rects:
2017/10/28 09:37Rects:
2017/10/26 03:33Rects: logo, icon-pdf, icon-print, icon-mail, li-1, li-2, li-3, background
2017/10/07 13:03Rects: facebook, twitter, pinterest, google-plus, tumblr, instagram, rss

Please note, that File API supported in IE from version 10 and in Safari from version 6, so at this moment this service not support browsers IE9 and Safari 5